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What is CCCDSC?

The Southern Colorado Construction Career Day Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation in the State of Colorado.
President – Linda Champlin-Frank (NAWIC)
Vice President – Jason Yezek (CB Insurance, EPCCA)
Vice President – Francis Vigil (Colorado Springs Electrical JATC)
Secretary – Vacancy
Treasurer – Laura Beasley (Martin Marietta)

Mission Statement:

“To provide a venue for young people to explore the variety of career opportunities available in the construction industry upon graduation from high school. To host a day of hands-on experiences, to enable them to interface with expert contractors throughout the region. We encourage volunteers from all the trades in the construction industry to be enthusiastic and provide job specific training to the young people attending the workshop.”

Why A Construction Career Day:

Predictions indicate that the construction industry needs 250,000 new workers per year to meet future growth projections. The average age of workers in the skilled trades nationwide is 48-50 and many will be retiring in the near future. This will leave vacancies in the construction industry.

Most high school students lack the opportunity to be introduced to the possibility of a career in construction as more and more schools no longer offer vocational-tech or industrial art classes. If students do not fit into the high-tech peg and are not college bound, they are often left wondering what they can do with their futures. The field of construction offers a wide range of jobs and great opportunities for advancement and is a great field for young people to start their careers.

About the Program:

We invite you and students in the 11th and 12th grade in your school district to the Southern Colorado annual event in late September. The purpose of Construction Career Days is to broaden student knowledge about the multi-faceted opportunities available and to increase the number of men and women entering the construction industry.

Students spend the day, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. engaging in hands-on events, stationary equipment activities, and technology demonstrations. Lunch will be provided.

The Southern Colorado Construction Career Day Foundation plans this day to introduce the Construction Industry to our next generation. This will give these students a great insight to the job opportunities offered in the Construction industry. Please help us help them!!!!!!!

We need your help with the activities, coordination, and support of the program.

>> Download the flyer describing the program.

Why should you attend:

• Explore design and engineering
• Experience a trade skill
• Discover Project Management
• Operate heavy equipment

• Assist students in learning about construction careers
• See the variety of industry careers available
• Gather information and contacts for classroom discussions on career options

What you will experience:

• Hands-on activities – a variety which may include masonry, carpentry, electrical and MORE
• Heavy stationary equipment – backhoes, people lifts, snow plow and MORE

What is needed on event day:

• Signed CCD permission slip
• Long pants and closed toed shoes (like tennis shoes)
• No tank tops
• Be aware of weather – a jacket may be necessary
• Hard hats and safety glasses will be provided
• Lunch is provided
• All participants must be registered

Why consider a career in construction:

• Jobs are plentiful. Nationally 200,000 new positions in construction related industries are available each year.
• A variety of construction related careers are available including skilled and craft level, draft and architecture, technical and engineering and management and safety.
• Diverse educational possibilities are available with on the job training, apprenticeships and vocational training with 2 year or 4 year degrees and more.
• Good wages – on job training hourly pay can start at $15.00 providing workers an opportunity to earn as they learn without college debt.